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PhD Degree In Distance Learning - For Mastery Of Online Education

By: Jim Zorn

A PhD degree in distance learning is the most prestigious degree awarded in the field of education these days. PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is awarded for a number of specializations including Instructional Design for Online Learning, Leadership for Higher Education, Leadership in Educational Administration, Postsecondary and Adult Education, Professional Studies in Education, Training and Performance Improvement, etc. The PhD degree is awarded in recognition of an original contribution to the subject, the demonstrated mastery and knowledge of the subject or for conducting and presenting scholarly research on a selected topic. This is known as the doctoral thesis or dissertation.

Educational Requirements for PhD Degree

The PhD degree in distance learning requires completion of a master's degree in education accompanied by two to five years of postgraduate research training. Some institutions may not require a master's degree, if the candidate has relevant expertise. The aspiring doctoral candidates in distance learning are selected on the basis of written and oral examination. Then they must conduct the research on their chosen subject and write a dissertation. On completion of the research, doctoral students have to satisfactorily present the dissertation before a committee of professors in the field.

The minimum registration period for a full-time PhD is two years and a maximum of three to four years. But there can be broad variations from university to university. Most of the PhD programs in distance learning have a residency requirement. Doctoral students are required to spend a specific time at their chosen university. This provides the support and valuable sources of information from fellow students and instructors.

Advantages of Acquiring a PhD Degree

The PhD degree in distance learning can lead to a high level position in a number of educational settings whether they are traditional, corporate or online. The PhD program in distance learning is designed to prepare researchers and includes coursework, internships, and independent work in distance learning course planning, data analysis, and instructional theory. A PhD degree is required to become a professor, dean or an administrator in a university.

The PhD degree in distance learning is offered by a number of accredited universities. Some of them are University of Phoenix, Walden University, Capella University, University of Maryland University College, Boston University, University of Florida, etc. PhDs in distance learning offered by these universities prepare students to lead and manage challenges in a variety of educational settings. The program provides expertise in designing, organizing, teaching, and evaluating course work for online education.

So, if you aspire to achieve a high level position in any type of educational set up or gain indepth knowledge and expertise in the field of distance learning, a PhD degree is extremely helpful.

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